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The average cost of university in Australia rose to almost $30,000 this year. Although tuition is not paid up front, it is required to be paid after graduation, and there are still factors, like the cost of living, students are faced with while in school. Some students are seeking alternative methods to help offset those financial burdens.

Tuition and enrollment numbers continue to increase, and millions of Australian students are looking for a way to get out from underneath the crushing weight of loan debt.

The Facts

The value of a degree cannot be underestimated. It opens the door to better jobs, better salaries and more opportunities in general.

The Breakdown

Rank University New Sign-Up
Growth in 2017
Student Total
01 Deakin University 90 321
02 Griffith University 183 475
03 Maquarie University 99 299
04 Monash University 147 380
05 Queensland University of Technology 72 263
06 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 129 406
07 University of Melbourne 138 289
08 University of Newcastle 90 372
09 University of Queensland 108 392
10 University of Sydney 111 436

The largest epidemic for students burdened with loan debt is unemployment, which, according to recent numbers, is hovering very close to 50 percent. It is becoming increasingly difficult to escape college without landing under the dark cloud of student loan debt.

Why live with student debt?

While an existing loan program can mitigate upfront costs for attending university, there is still a mountain of living expenses that must be taken into account. With rising living costs in the major cities, some students choose to live at home with their parents to offset the cost. But some have embraced the Sugar Dating World, where the potential for an average monthly allowance around $2,700 (nearly twice as much as the earnings from a part-time job).

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In 2017, thousands of Australian students registered on SeekingArrangement in order to find relief from tuition, student loan debt and other college-related costs. Finding the right Sugar Daddy can help a Sugar Baby stay ahead of the game and get the education they need without the burden of a mountain of student loan debt.

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