Our Story

Brandon Wade’s struggle with relationships inspired a revolution in online dating with the creation of SeekingArrangement.com. Seeking has since become the most successful luxury dating website in the world surpassing 46 million members in over 146 countries. 

1980: Genesis

As a teenager, Seeking’s Founder Brandon Wade struggled with a lack of confidence, directly affecting his ability to interact with girls. Seeing Brandon’s heartache, his mother offered him a valuable piece of advice that would ultimately shape the rest of his life. “Focus on your school, don’t worry about dating, someday you’ll be successful and generous and all the girls will fight for your attention,” his mother told him—and from that point forward, learning became his top priority.

Brandon Wade with his mother

Brandon Wade Growing Up

Winning multiple science fairs and math olympiads throughout his early school years, he finished first in physics and third in mathematics in Singapore. An aspiring physicist, Brandon moved to the United States to study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he would pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Brandon Wade Growing Up

1990s: The Journey From MIT & Beyond

In college, Brandon’s dating life remained nonexistent but he finally had his first kiss at the age of 21. After graduating from MIT, Brandon went on to serve as a management consultant with Booz Allen and held executive roles at several Fortune 500 companies, including General Electric and Microsoft. While at such companies, Brandon realized that successful men have significantly less time than the average man to invest in developing and fostering romantic relationships.

Brandon Wade at MIT

Brandon Wade graduating from MIT

While he was building a successful career, his love life continued to suffer. He tried a dating agency and mainstream sites with no luck, realizing looks were all that mattered in video and online dating. There was no venue where people who are anything other than conventionally good-looking could shine or where successful, intelligent, and interesting people could thrive.

Brandon Wade graduating from MIT

2000s: The Inception of


Deciding to take matters into his own hands in 2006, Brandon coded night and day for a month straight, and SeekingArrangement was born. The name “SeekingArrangement” was chosen because he wanted people to be upfront, honest, and transparent about what they want in relationships. 

Brandon Wade at a Party

Brandon Wade and team working on Seeking.com

2010s: An Online Dating Revolution

SeekingArrangement introduced an avant-garde approach to online dating, captivating the global public’s imagination. Garnering coverage in renowned newspapers, television news segments, and tabloids worldwide, the platform infiltrated mainstream discourse surrounding love, technology, and affluence.

Brandon Wade and team working on Seeking.com

2020 – Present: The Seeking Evolution

As the lifestyle promoted by SeekingArrangement.com became increasingly popular, the purpose and original intent behind Brandon’s vision became diluted. To further pave the path for personal choices in dating and clarify the founding principles SeekingArrangement has always stood for, the company decided to change their name to Seeking in 2019. Seeking continues to be an industry leader in the luxury dating space to this day. 

Seeking Couple

Our goal remains steadfast in helping success-minded people find what truly makes them happy, whether it is romance, travel, luxury, freedom, or whatever it is they aspire to in their connections.


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