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Seeking stands at the forefront of sophisticated matchmaking, where accomplished individuals can make exceptional connections and find hypergamy. Here, your aspirations can become reality, empowering you to elevate your lifestyle by finding someone who not only shares your values and ambitions but complements them.

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Seeking.com is a family-owned, family-operated business.

Seeking, the dating website, itself stands for what my parents have taught me about love. My dad was a provider and a rock for our family, while my mother wanted to be spoiled and financially supported by the man she loves. My parents are still married to this day and in their journey of love, they raised two successful Ivy League-educated children (my sister and I), paid for our education, and even invested in our family startup, Seeking.

In a world full of superficial distractions, regular dating apps just didn’t work for me. When I launched Seeking, as SeekingArrangement, back in 2006, I did it to solve my dating issues and to find love. My experiences on Seeking taught me many important lessons about life and about who I am. I transformed from beast to prince and in 2020, my dream came true and I met my soulmate, princess, and my best friend on Seeking.

As of June 9, 2022, we are married forever. Seeking’s DNA is represented in the values that my parents taught me and showed me through example. This same value holds the key to happy relationships; the key to love.

Know your worth. Date on Seeking.

Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO

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Money, sex, power, happiness, and love. All humans desire them. But is it possible to have them all?