What is Dating Up?

Dating Up on Seeking is a way to find dates and create relationships through creating honest profiles from a place of authenticity. Knowing what you want in a relationship and what you can provide in a relationship are the keys to understanding successful dating. When you understand what you’re looking for and what you’re providing, not only can you more easily communicate what you want to others, but you can also be more receptive to what others are searching for. That’s Dating Up.

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Meeting Your Expectations

Seeking is all about creating a space for attractive and successful singles to find real connections. Whether you’re looking for upscale dating, fun-filled adventures, or deep affection, we know Seekers are looking for the same type of relationship as you. And we love putting like-minded people in touch with each other!

Seeking members appreciate the diverse range of people that are out there and how you’re able to elevate each other’s dating experience. 

Be Your
Authentic Self

What You Want

Keep an
Open Mind

Lose Yourself
in the Moment

Seeking Connection

With over 46 million members across 130 countries, Dating Up helps individuals find and choose the relationships that uniquely align with their personal passions and dreams. 

Seeking members are sophisticated people who wish to meet and date attractive and successful people in a way that goes beyond typical social dating traditions and trends.

The Seeking platform is focused on helping members choose the relationships that uniquely align with their personal passions and dreams. Seeking provides a safe environment to explore, discover, and evolve what it means to date.

No one person has the same needs or interests, but the one thing shared on Seeking is the aspiration to discover something better, allowing members those unique opportunities to develop connections and share more memorable experiences together.

Dating Up

Lifestyle & Experiences

When you join Seeking, finding meaningful relationships faster by defining what you want from a partnership becomes simple. Your time is valuable and your expectations are important. Seeking is focused on making your dating life more exciting and effortless.

You only get one life, so why wouldn’t you want to live it to the fullest? Life’s experiences are better when you enjoy them with a partner who shares your interests. Your desire to discover something better together will always bring joy.

For some, this means a luxurious vacation in the Caribbean or an indulgent evening that begins with a five-star meal. For others, it’s simply a quiet night at home sharing a good bottle of wine or a romantic walk through a local park. No matter what your ideal lifestyle looks like, Seeking lets you make memorable experiences with someone who appreciates the same things in life. 

Seeking is designed to spark new and exciting experiences to help you find and choose the perfect partner, one whose lifestyle and dreams align with your own.

Here are some ideas to see if you’re on the same page:

Upgrade Your®
Personal Improvement

Pursue a partner who embodies the attributes that you value most. It’s the desire to date mindfully, to couple with someone you both admire and find attractive. 

When you align courtship with personal enrichment, dating brings out the best version of yourself. By the same token, you’re able to offer more to your partner and help them find personal fulfillment. This is how you both find the satisfaction that you deserve.

These are the types of relationships that all singles pursue. Dating Up creates genuine growth and helps both partners develop their potential every step of the way.

Looking for ways to enhance each other’s life experiences? Try these:

  • Know who you are and be true to yourself
  • Pursue each other’s interests
  • Pay attention to your partner’s passions 
  • Create special memories together

Start Dating Up®

Find someone who helps you to achieve the best possible version of yourself. Find someone who you want to help achieve the best possible version of themself. These are authentic connections that help you grow in the ways that you truly want to improve.

This is Dating Up.

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