Sugar Baby


[ˈʃʊgər ˈbeɪbi]


Simply put, a Sugar Baby is a person in a relationship who receives mentorship, monetary support, as well as gifts or other benefits (or resources) for being engaged in such a relationship. The practice itself is often called “Sugaring,” where the Sugar Baby is taken care of by a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar momma; coincidently, the Sugar Daddy or Sugar momma is typically older and more affluent than the Sugar Baby.

It’s common for Sugar Babies to enter an arrangement (either long-term or short-term) to accomplish some kind of goal, whether it’s to find a mentor to help them progress, to help pay for the costs of education or merely for some extra spending money. This arrangement is based on a mutually agreed upon set of rules and behaviors that comprise the foundation for the relationship.

The United States has seen the largest shift to this kind of relationship dynamic, with Canada, the UK, Australia, and Columbia not that far behind. When surveyed, the Sugar babies on these sites are largely looking to pay for tuition or rent; however, some use it for books, transportation, clothes, and other miscellaneous items.


Tammy is struggling to keep up with tuition for graduate school and afford the comfortable townhome she has spent the last few years in. She contemplated modeling, but it seemed like too much of a hassle. Deciding to look around on the internet for some options, she discovered and never looked back. Now, her Sugar Daddies, Ethan and Robert, take great care of her and shower her with gifts so she is able to stay on track with her graduate studies.