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[ˈdɛmi sekSHo͞oəl]


Demisexual is a sexual orientation defined by a lack of sexual attraction towards other people unless there is an existing emotional and romantic connection. The occurrence of sexual desire is dependent on the closeness of the relationship, as opposed to an initial attraction.

Someone who is demisexual will not actively restrain themselves from sexual desire or action, but they will only attempt to engage in sexual activities after an emotional connection has been fostered.


Clark: “I really like you, Lois. Can we take our relationship further…?”
Lois: “I like you too Clark, but I’m a demisexual.”
Clark: “What’s that mean?”
Lois: “It means that I’m not sexually attracted to you right now, Clark. Before we get physical, I want to spend more time with you and attain a deeper level of emotional intimacy.”
Clark: “Oh that’s fine, I like emotions and stuff too!” *jumps in a cold shower*