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[ˈpæn rōˈmantik]


Someone who experiences romantic attraction to all sexes, but does not necessarily feel sexual attraction to them.

A panromantic person will date or start relationships with any sex, but only feel the need to act on their romantic feeling if their romantic partner aligns with their sexual orientation. A man who is a panromantic heterosexual would be willing to date anyone, irrespective of their gender, but would only feel sexual attraction towards his partner if he was dating a girl. He would be willing to date a guy, but would not have sex with him.


Larry: “You’re a really cool person, we should go on a date.”
Brook: “That sounds nice, but just so you know – I’m a panromantic lesbian.”
Larry: “What does that mean?”
Brook: “It means I’m willing to date any gender, but only feel sexual attraction towards other females.”