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New Relationship Energy


[n(y)o͞o riˈlāSHənˌSHip ˈenərjē]


New Relationship Energy or NRE is the term which describes the excitement and emotion associated with starting a new romantic or sexual relationship. NRE occurs during the initial stages of courtship and involves increased emotional connectivity, sexual receptivity and a higher level of excitement. NRE will change as the relationship grows and reaches maturity, often a relationship will dissolve once it NRE fades completely.

NRE is particularly relevant to the Poly community because a polyamorous person will often experience NRE while they’re still involved in long-term, committed relationships with one of their other partners.

NRE is colloquially known as ‘puppy love’ or the ‘honeymoon phase.’


Bethany: “Janet and Tyrone are so cute together, they seem so happy!”
Leslie: “They’re just experiencing new relationship energy, give it a few months, and they’ll be miserable just like us. MUAHAHAHAH!”
Bethany: “Stop playing, hahaha.”