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Candaulism has two primary definitions; As a sexual fantasy wherein a male exposes his female spouse or sexual partner (or images of her) to people outside of the relationship.

Candaulism can also be defined as the practice of exposing or undressing a female spouse to other people and even forcing the spouse into engaging in sexual activities with the third party.

There are numerous sub-definitions from this term and in modern contexts, the term is mainly used to describe someone who enjoys posting pictures of his female partner online or urges his partner to wear revealing, tight clothing in an attempt to show her off.

Candaulism is directly associated to exhibitionism and voyeurism.


Eric was surprised when Ross asked his wife to take off her top and show them her breasts.
Eric: “What’s going on?”
Ross: “Me and my wife are into candaulism, just enjoy the show, Eric.”
Eric: “Ok…”