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Wifey / Hubby Material


[ˈdʌbəlju-aɪ-ɛf-i-waɪ ɔr ˈhʌbi məˈtɪriəl]


Wifey/Hubby Material describes a person you like enough to marry. This is a term that has taken a more general meaning, but it includes someone who thinks of a partner’s future as well as their own. They understand sacrifice, there is an overlap in interests, there exists an element of faithfulness, and they understand how to demonstrate love. With marriages and relationships more difficult to maintain than ever, wifey/hubby material does not merely mean domestic responsibilities. It is general term for the kind of compatibility that you can’t do without.


Tony had been dating Helen for about four months and he was already convinced she was wifey material. Not only did she understand what he wanted in the bedroom, but she took on a number of domestic responsibilities and encouraged him to follow his dreams. It didn’t stop there, she was an ambitious woman who had dreams and goals of her own. Tony wanted nothing more than to turn Helen’s wifey material into his partner for life.

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