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Peacocking often refers to flashy dress or behavior employed by a man in an attempt to impress a woman. This is derived from the peacock bird, which uses flamboyant plumes to draw the attention of females in the area. The theory goes that by drawing attention to one’s self, it becomes easier to attract and seduce women. Often, confidence is attributed to those who engage in this behavior, as they appear to be unafraid as to how they may be perceived by others; and confidence is understood to be a common trait women find attractive in men.

If care is not taken, peacocking can result in looking ridiculous and deter women. Care should be taken so as to not make this behavior too extreme. Wearing clothing and jewelry that is eye-catching and demonstrates your status without looking absurd is very effective. Peacocking often starts a conversation, which makes the process of picking up women much simpler; however, it is best to stick with what you know. Individualizing your unique style not only drives up confidence, but makes you feel more comfortable, which others will take notice of.

The goal is an effortless look that inspires both trust and conversation without giving the appearance you are trying too hard. Peacocking is accomplished through deciding on a look and then pursuing it in a sharp, custom manner that demonstrates character and individuality.


Brian had a reputation among his friends for peacocking when out in public. Naturally a man of little shame, Brian would amplify his outlandish behavior in order to attract the attention of nearby females. Even though he was tall with striking blue eyes, perfect hair, and broad shoulders, Brian still saw the need to act out of character in order to increase the chances of finding a mate.

Make no mistake, most of the time Brian did well with the ladies, but his friends always wondered what would become of his success if he were to stop peacocking and behave like himself.