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A Domme (sometimes referred to a dominatrix) is a woman who assumes the dominant role in a BDSM relationship or in BDSM activities. Sexual orientation has very little effect on the gender of a Domme’s submissive partners. The Domme’s role can include causing physical and psychological pain to a submissive, verbal domination, humiliating tasks, and even servitude (similar to a Dom). A dominatrix can be a paid professional or carry the title as part of a personal relationship. The term Domme is a variation of the word dominant with a French flair. Mistress is often used interchangeably for Domme.


Tina had a standing appointment at four every afternoon with a gentleman who liked to be called slave. As a Domme (and a professional dominatrix) she enjoyed the dominance she exhibited when putting him in a cage and dominating him.