Experience Hypergamy™

Seeking.com is a website founded on the principle of hypergamy.

Defined as the pursuit of better standards in life and in relationships. It’s about elevating your experiences, and then taking them to a level that you had not previously anticipated. 

Hypergamy on Seeking.com

Our founder, Brandon Wade, launched Seeking.com in 2006 with a rather simple and perhaps superficial goal: he wanted to increase his social standing by dating the most beautiful women in the world. 

Regular dating websites and apps just didn’t work for him, and he refused to settle until he met the perfect match for him.

As a shy nerd growing up in Singapore, he was socially awkward his entire life. He makes up the difference by being at the top of his country, winning first prize in Singapore’s Physics Olympiad in 1988 and becoming one of the only 2 students from Singapore to be admitted to MIT that year. He proceeded to graduate from MIT with dual degrees, and by the time he turned 50 years old, had become a centimillionaire. 

When Brandon met Dana on Seeking.com in 2020, it was instant chemistry. Dana’s education, intelligence, popularity, and beauty was the perfect match to his accomplishments and success. 

Brandon’s lifestyle was equally elevated as Dana introduced him to new ways of experiencing and celebrating life. She brought a wealth of ideas that have brought a different sort of inspiration to Seeking.com’s evolution and, with it, a higher level of success.

Brandon and Dana married in 2022, in a union based on the founding principles of love— and more than that. A pairing that decided that they could change each other’s lives, they became a team. Together, they are hypergamy, they are integral to each other; their marriage is the gear that turns their business and personal lives.

In this pairing, one can see the magic of a hypergamous relationship at work. 

At the heart of Seeking.com is a belief in relationships that offer more than just companionship — they’re about growth, elevation, and achieving far greater heights together than possible alone. 

Hypergamy is the way of the future.
Experience it for yourself.

Why Hypergamy?

Traditional dating has let you down; that’s why you’re here. You’ve gone on numerous dates, but each time, something was missing. Be it the conversation lacked intellect, their looks weren’t what you were expecting, and you’ve wasted your time and money once again. 

This is a sign of a more profound disconnect, one rooted in mismatched aspirations and lifestyles. It’s about finding the place that your aspirations belong, and where they can be found— where they serve you best.

In a world where everyone seems to be climbing their own ladder, it’s crucial to find someone who not only understands your climb but also complements it. A relationship where both partners not only support but elevate each other’s ambitions—creating a union that is exponentially more powerful than either could achieve alone.

That is the  “why” of hypergamy.

It’s not just about matching profiles; it’s aligning life paths. Hypergamy ensures that your next relationship amplifies your life, providing access to experiences, networks, and personal growth otherwise out of reach.