The Seeking Experience Member Testimonials

Millions of singles have signed up on Seeking and found the relationships they’ve been looking for.
Here are some real success stories our members shared with us.



The man I met on Seeking taught me about business. I got to sit in on his meetings and learn about trading and stocks, and how to handle money. I am super grateful. Three months went by before we were physical.



I'm a psych major and during my junior year in college I joined Seeking and met a man named Ryan. He gave me gifts and was patient with me because I was having a hard time after switching schools and going through some personal stuff.



I was so inspired by an organization which protects women and children from violence in Uganda. I decided to start my own business to help accommodate and transport volunteers abroad to Uganda in order to help these efforts. I didn't know anything about creating a website, but the man I met on Seeking guided me and now my business is in the start-up phase and I just graduated with a degree in international relations. I'm excited about my new journey in diplomatic service. My mom taught me that women can do anything. You can be feminine and powerful and strong.



I met my partner on Seeking pre-quarantine and he gives me a lot of career advice. I'm in finance and I work at a small investment firm. I've gotten 2 raises since meeting him.



I am new to the site but I have already developed a connection with someone on Seeking. I joined when I broke up with my boyfriend. I wanted to find more men like him, successful and higher caliber. He flew me to beautiful places like L.A. and Fiji. I love Seeking because there are no misunderstandings, and the men are straightforward about what the relationship will look like.



The site for me was a big divider of waters and is bringing me great experiences. I definitely need to improve my English and because of that I'm planning to do an exchange program to study English. That wouldn't be possible if I hadn't met this person through Seeking. I'm so grateful! Obrigada

I met my partner on Seeking pre-quarantine and he gives me a lot of career advice. I’m in finance and I work at a small investment firm. I’ve gotten 2 raises since meeting him.

Sarah, Massachusetts



Most of the members I met on Seeking were just looking for emotional support, companionship, or sharing experiences together.



I’ve been on Seeking for a few months now. At first I was very skeptical but now I feel more comfortable. It has changed my way of dating and being more mindful of what I want. It’s made my life a bit easier and has enhanced it in ways I’d never imagined.This website has truly been life-changing.



This is a real relationship and it's convenient for both of us because he travels a lot and has limited time. I have to focus on my studies and graduating, so it’s better than a typical relationship that would require more of my time. I have been using Seeking since 2016. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many different kinds of people on the site and have nothing but good things to say. Having the experience with Seeking has not only helped with school but also has given me opportunities that I otherwise would not be able to have at 22 years old. It’s been such a wonderful time growing my relationships with the men I have met.



Life-changing is the only way I would describe my experience on Seeking. I got on Seeking with the goal of finding somebody who enjoys my personality and company and can help me become a successful entrepreneur. Everyone has their own reasons why they are on a dating site like Seeking. It’s the connections and relationship cultivation for me. And not only did the connections come but I also found love on Seeking. We’ve been dating for a few years and are thinking about marriage. My life has changed for the better. I am now a serial entrepreneur who is creating jobs for others and making lasting impacts in our community. I’m forever thankful for Seeking.