What it Means to be a

Sugar Baby

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    Varied Sugar Needs

    The Sugar Baby is an individual seeking mentorship, financial support, or general companionship under the terms of an agreed-upon arrangement. She could be a single mom, someone seeking assistance with month-to-month expenses, or simply a goal-focused woman who seeks a higher class of life. Business aside, genuine feelings of love and long-term relationships often form.

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    College students make up a large portion of SeekingArrangement. These members share a very specific goal: graduating college debt-free. These Sugar Babies often benefit from the intimate give-and-take of a mentorship by building a professional network of contacts through quality time spent with their Sugar Daddy.

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    A Little Something Extra

    Notoriety has existed for ages. Typecasting Sugar Babies as individuals who want nothing more than to manipulate their way into a Sugar Daddy’s hard-earned fortune is an unavoidable stigma. While there are some unabashed truths, generally, Sugar Babies are seeking a supplement to their lifestyle.

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    Privacy Is Key

    Discretion is the number one rule expected of Sugar Babies using the SeekingArrangement site. Sugar Daddies are often respected community figures in high places that have other existing demands. Revealing a sugar relationship could be harmful to their career and personal life. If you help your Daddy maintain the fun, the rewards are great!

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