Sugar Daddy Dating Hot Spots, the world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site, is releasing the first and only Sugar Daddy Heat Map. Based on membership data for all active Sugar Babies, Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommies in the United States, the heat map illustrates the areas with the highest concentration of Sugar activity in the country. With 10 million members worldwide and 3.25 million members active in the United States alone, is the best source for Sugar Daddy Dating.

Sugar Daddy Dating Statistics State by State

Analyzing the Sugar Daddy Heat Map

Based on’s 2016 membership data, Nevada and New York rank highest for Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies and Sugar Mommies with the highest concentration of members per state population. The largest membership type on Seeking Arrangement is notably Sugar Baby Females, with the highest concentration of members located in Nevada with 51 Sugar Babies for every 1000 adult females. The highest concentration of Sugar Baby Males can be found in New York with 8.4 Sugar Babies for every 1000 adult males. The state with the highest chances of connecting with a Sugar Daddy is Nevada with 9.4 Sugar Daddies for every 1000 adult males.

Not surprisingly, the states where Sugar is least abundant include Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. Fortunately, one of the benefits of seeking a mutually beneficial relationship is the ability to connect across state lines. Many arrangements are long distance and can include regular travel. This means that those members living in a state with a Sugar shortage are not necessarily at a disadvantage. Wealthy Sugar Daddies in highly populated areas such as New York, California, and Nevada are more likely to engage in long distance arrangements.

Other Sugar Dating Statistics

  1. Nevada and New York are home to the highest concentrations of Sugar activity.
  2. In the U.S. there are approximately 6 Sugar Babies for every Sugar Daddy.
  3. In January 2016, over one million college students in the U.S. , were seeking Sugar Daddies on
  4. The average age of a Sugar Daddy in the U.S. is 40 years old.
  5. The average Sugar Baby in the U.S. is 25 years old.
  6. In the U.S. , the average monthly allowance given is approximately $2200.
  7. Approximately 2 percent of adult females in the U.S. are Sugar Babies.

Note: * All data is based on figures from July 2016