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What is a Sugar Daddy

The term "sugar daddy" is believed to have been coined by the wife of a sugar magnate in the early 1900s as a term of affection. Today, the term "Sugar Daddy" has become a pop culture reference used to describe a wealthy or generous romantic partner.

"Sugar Daddy" has broad meaning and has been used as a label for our members. Seeking feels this pop-culture reference has changed into something demeaning and is no longer appropriate to describe our membership.

Seeking's mission is still the same. We help elite people find honest, quality relationships that fit their lifestyles.

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    Finding Balance

    Dating on Seeking.com allows you to find relationships that align with your goals and dreams, as well as your lifestyle and schedule. Our members balance a successful relationship with a number of responsibilities and interests, including work, social life, and travel.

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    Making Time For a Partner

    Time is extremely important for the modern gentleman, which is why a newfound relationship will be carefully integrated into his regular routine and daily schedule. No date-night detail will go overlooked, from the location of his seat in the restaurant to the exact time his wheels roll up to the valet.

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    Redefining the Ideal Relationship

    We understand the challenges that face the modern gentleman. With a busy lifestyle, finding the right partner can be difficult. Seeking makes it easier to find the ideal relationship with someone who can enhance and amplify an already exceptional life.

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    Working Harder, Playing Harder

    Seeking members are business-minded. They may own their own company or have a job that often demands long hours. Modern gentlemen find partners who are not put off if a business meeting runs late. Our members are focused on work now so they can focus their attention on their partners later.

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DO NOT Call Yourself a Sugar Daddy!

Given the sensibilities of the moment, the modern gentleman sells himself short by referring to himself as a "sugar daddy". He is so much more than that. Seeking wants to help the modern gentleman define himself in a positive way for the new roaring 20s.

  • Sweet, NOT Salty: Seeking is for those who are generous with their time, advice, and love. Our members are not the type to be tight-fisted or annoyed when the bill comes to the table. Not only do they know how to take care of themselves, but they also know how to take care of others.
  • Considerate, NOT Transactional: The Modern Gentleman lives a unique lifestyle and is looking for a genuine relationship that aligns with his goals and busy schedule. Users searching for pay-per-meet situations or transactional arrangements are NOT tolerated.
  • Sophisticated, NOT Rude or Demeaning: While appreciating wealth and success, the Modern Gentleman does NOT let either affect personal interactions negatively. Members of the Seeking community are expected to be polite and courteous. They understand not everyone is a match, but they are always graceful in their communications.
  • Confident, NOT Egotistical or Demanding: Modern Gentlemen do NOT use their success, wealth, or status to manipulate others. Members are expected to conduct themselves with civility and class.

Note: If you encounter members on our website who do not meet the above standards set for our community, please report them here. While other dating websites may tolerate such behavior, we do not.

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