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What is a Sugar Baby

The term "sugar baby" is a pop culture reference with a broad definition that has been used as a label for our members. Recently, the meaning of this reference has come to imply something demeaning, and we feel the term is no longer representative of our membership.

Seeking's mission remains the same. We help success-minded people find honest, quality relationships that fit their lifestyles.

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    Eligible Matches

    There is nothing wrong with wanting to pursue a relationship with someone who is supportive, caring, and can show you the world. Seeking helps those who refuse to settle, introducing members to matches whose lifestyle aligns with their desires.

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    Educated, Intelligent, and Ambitious

    Many Seeking members have an ambitious and success-minded spirit, are college-educated, or are in pursuit of furthering their education. Members are upfront about their goals, dreams, and desires because everyone deserves a relationship on their terms.

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    Balance in Dating

    Most relationships are far from equal, but being open and honest about your expectations can help to promote balance. What may be important for you may be less important for others. Our dating website allows you to clearly identify what is most important to you and to pursue it without compromise.

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    Just Date Up™

    "Dating up" is modern terminology for the concept of hypergamy, the practice of pursuing a relationship with someone of a higher status. Seeking understands that everyone is looking for something different in a relationship. Our approach to honest relationships can help you pursue what you want without reservation.

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DO NOT Call Yourself a Sugar Baby!

The term "sugar baby" has recently taken on such a negative meaning in popular culture that any attractive dater would do well to avoid being called one. Given today's environment, Seeking wants to help its members avoid this and other problematic labels.

  • You Are NOT a Gold Digger: It is an unfortunately common assumption that attractive people only date wealthy people for their money. There is a vast distinction between someone who is attracted to others solely for their money ("gold diggers") and someone attracted to the generosity and success of others. Seeking enables its attractive members to be honest about the fact that generosity can be a desired trait in a relationship. It is not about money.
  • You Are NOT Transactional: Seeking prohibits the pursuit of pay-per-meet (PPM) or transactional arrangements. Escorting and/or prostitution is explicitly banned and any users suspected of abusing the website will be immediately flagged for removal. Attractive members using Seeking.com are looking for a genuine relationship with someone who is nurturing, complementary, and inspirational.
  • You Are NOT Looking for a Paycheck: Seeking is where real people pursue real relationships. It is not the place to find career alternatives nor to beg for help with making rent. We help our members find genuine connections through honesty and upfront expectations. Receiving a steady paycheck should not be one of those expectations.
  • You Are NOT Entitled: There are several reasons you may be considered attractive, including beauty and an enthusiasm for life, but also the awareness to avoid feelings of entitlement and self-importance. Not everyone may be a perfect match, but everyone is expected to be graceful in their communications. Seeking members are expected to be respectful, civil, and polite, regardless of circumstance.

Note: If you encounter members on our website who do not meet the above standards set for our community, please report them here. While other dating websites may tolerate such behavior, we do not.

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