Friday, April 13, 201812pm-7pm10 on the ParkNYC

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Sugar Baby Summit

Whether you need help getting a Sugar Daddy or you want to make new friends, Sugar Baby Summit has you covered! Attend an exciting day of talks and panels featuring experts with sweet insight, all while making connections with fellow Sugar seekers.

Get the opportunity to network with like-minded people and begin lifelong friendships. In addition to our speakers, Sugar Baby Summit will also host a roster of “Sugar Mentors”‒ experienced Sugar Babies willing to personally help and guide you.

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Let Sugar Baby Summit be your ticket to the perfect Sugar relationship, and score a big confidence boost along the way. Ask your nagging questions about getting an allowance and staying safe with the comfort of other Sugar Babies by your side. This is truly an event like any other!

Our Speakers and Panelists include experienced Sugar Babies, Sugar Daddies, business owners, safety experts, psychologists, counselors, entrepreneurs, and role models of all kinds.

Summit Sessions

Each session is curated for a Sugar-centric audience and designed to inspire. We all have a common goal: building mutually beneficial relationships. Let these talks and panels lead you to success in Sugar, sex, dating, money and overall well being.


Brook Urick
SeekingArrangement Spokesperson & Host of Let’s Talk Sugar

Sugar Semantics
The importance and power of language is an essential tool for excelling in Sugar, and in life. Learn how the words you use shapes the Sugar you receive and how to leverage your vocabulary. Hear from SeekingArrangement spokesperson, Let’s Talk Sugar podcast host and Sugar Baby Summit Master of Ceremonies.

Brandon Wade
Founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement

Relationships on Your Terms
We are living through the arrangement revolution! The Founder and CEO of SeekingArrangement shares his views on marriage, dating and the future of modern relationships.

Sara-Kate Astrove
Motivational Speaker, Writer & Former Sugar Baby

Sugar Stories
From a transgender Sugar Daddy/Mommy to a quadriplegic‒ Sara-Kate has some interesting stories to share! You won’t want to miss her humbling and hilarious recap of five years of Sugaring.

Tamsin Smith
Speaker, Business Consultant & Activist

Final Thought
Bring together ideas from the day and take a look at the big picture with the Sugar Baby Summit closing lecture. Hear from this accomplished business consultant and criminologist and leave feeling inspired to life your best Sugar Life!



Cultivating Confidence
Being confident in yourself leads to being confident and successful as a Sugar Baby. This panel features expert advice for becoming your best self and having poise when finding an arrangement. Find out what counselors, Sugar Daddies and experienced Sugar Babies have to say. Special topics: Plus size Sugar, first dates, interpersonal communication, Sugar Support.


Understanding Sexuality in the #MeToo Era
In the current media climate, finding and owning your sexuality has become a hot button issue. Hear the experts explain their views on what the "Female Reckoning" means for Sugar relationships and for women in the workplace. Featuring advice from accomplished sexperts and sexual abuse survivors. Special topics: Gender issues, powerful language, sexual harassment.


Sugar for Entrepreneurs
Starting your own business can be an uphill battle, but help from a Sugar Daddy can ease the transition. From seed money to consulting and connections, this panel is a crash course on finding a sweet sponsor and becoming your own boss. Hear from Sugar Daddies who have invested in Sugar Baby businesses and a successful Sugar entrepreneur herself. Special topics: Sugar investors, mentorship, business planning.


Kink 101
Interest in kink and BDSM is common in the Sugar community. Learn safe ways to experiment and how to express your innermost kinks with confidence. Featuring a real life Fifty Shades story and experienced sex educators. Special topics: sexual exploration, expressing your desires, BDSM care.


Personal Branding
Building a personal brand starts with knowing yourself and staying true to your values. Branding yourself will help you secure jobs, create meaningful networks and (of course) find a real Sugar Daddy. These savvy branding experts discuss exactly how you can form and leverage a personal brand. Special topics: Profiles, marketing, social media.


Sugar in the Media
It's no secret that SeekingArrangement makes a splash in the news media world. This panel discusses the importance of having a public presence, and what Sugar Babies can do to help inform and correct the Sugar stigma. Hear from a SeekingArrangement spokesperson and other media figures in the Sugar World. Special topics: Sensationalism, standing up for Sugar, community standards, Sugar vs. sex work.


Styling for Sugar Babies
Going on a Sugar date requires some stylework. This panel will discuss how to dress for the occasion, choose the right looks and understand what a Sugar Daddy expects on a first date. Get advice from professional stylists and relationship experts. Special topics: Style on a budget, body positivity, hair and makeup.


Let's Talk Money
Knowing how to talk about finances and gifts is essential to a long term and sustainable Sugar relationship. Hear personal stories about how to get the allowance you want and common mistakes to avoid. This panel features SeekingArrangement CEO, Brandon Wade, and other Sugar experts who know how to loosen a Daddy’s purse strings. Special topics: Allowance negotiation, financial expectations, communication techniques.


Expert Sugar Babies
Four experienced Sugar Babies are ready to give you the truth about what it means to be a successful Sugar Baby. Hear their greatest achievements, notable milestones and biggest regrets. Featuring a gay male Sugar Baby and three female Sugar Babies, all with very different stories. Special topics: Asking for gifts, allowance increases, Salt Daddy red flags.


Sugar Daddies
Hear it straight from the Daddy's mouth with this panel of seasoned Sugar Daddies - most of whom have married their Sugar Babies! Get inside the minds of these Daddies and level up your own understanding of Sugar with this panel. Showcasing four open-minded and unfiltered Daddies. Special topics: Do's and don’ts for Sugar Babies, first dates, profiles.

Summit Venue

10 on the Park is located on the 10th floor of the Time Warner Center, overlooking New York's skyline and Central Park.

10 on the Park

Time Warner Center
North Tower, 10th Floor
60 Columbus Circle
New York, NY 10019, USA
Phone: + 1 212.484.6121

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Ticket Information

This is an 18+ Event.

Terms and Conditions

No. Check in will be electronic, so you do not need to print a paper ticket. All you will need is the name of the person to whom the ticket is registered.

Both tickets provide the same access. For those who purchase early (Presale), there is a discounted rate.

No, we are not offering refunds at this time. Tickets are transferable. Please email [email protected] to facilitate your ticket transfer up to 24 hours before the event.

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