Sugar Momma


[ˈʃʊgər ˈmɑmə]


A Sugar Momma describes a woman who offers support, of the financial or material nature, to a younger Sugar Baby (or Sugar Cub). Sugar Momma’s are commonly referred to as ‘cougars,’ however, some circles have sought to distance themselves from the term as it does not accurately represent the style of arrangement a Sugar Momma is looking to achieve.

Powerful women are allowed to have fun as well. A Sugar Momma is commonly focussed entirely on her career and is self-made or could be going through a divorce. Regardless of her background, this arrangement is about having a great time with an attractive, younger, male (or female). These are much more dynamic relationships that involve mature women who are not going to act the way young women do.


Tabitha recently left a marriage that she felt had stolen her youth. She decided to talk with some of her friends who introduced her to and Tom, a young, handsome bartender who was looking for exactly the kind of relationship she had hoped for. Tom loved the idea of spending time with a mature woman. It was a match made in heaven. They came to an arrangement that suited them both and proceeded to have a long-term and fulfilling relationship together.