Short-Term Arrangement


[ʃɔrt-tɜrm əˈreɪnʤmənt]


A Short-Term Arrangement is a common form of arrangement wherein the relationship will only last for a set amount of time. Typically, the amount of time will be predetermined and agreed upon during the initial stages of the arrangement.

The factors that govern this decision (whether laid out in the beginning or after some time spent in the relationship) can vary. Often, a short-term arrangement will fall in line with a goal that either party can bring to the table. Potentially an Attractive is looking for an arrangement while she finishes her studies, or a Successful would like a companion while he embarks on a business trip. It’s important that both members of the relationship are completely transparent about their needs and desires during the initial formative dates.


Mike and Alice are about to have their first date. They have formed a real connection online and have already discussed what they hope to gain from the arrangement. Alice has been working towards finishing off her degree, and now with 6 months remaining before she graduates, she wanted to find an arrangement during the final stages of her studies. Mike, enamored with Alice, understood that need and was not looking for something long-term. They agreed on a short-term arrangement, and decided to keep things casual until Alice had finished her schooling.