This term better identifies the Sugar Relationship, encompassing the Sugar Daddy/Baby dyad. The arrangement is the negotiated and agreed upon terms between a Sugar Daddy (or Mommy) and the Sugar Baby (or Sugar pup). The importance of the arrangement is that expectations and behaviors are clearly spelled out between the two parties so both can get what they want from the relationship.

Since the arrangement is meant to be based on honesty and a desire to enjoy each other’s company, the discussion that outlines the relationship for each partner is best undertaken when some level of trust has been built. Once this arrangement is in place, and both the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby are in agreement about terms, then they can move forward in a relationship that is adventurous, exciting, and, most importantly, honest.


Evan and Patricia met on and have already been out on two dates; there is definitely chemistry between them. Patricia decides to lay out what she wants from the relationship as means of setting up their arrangement. Her Sugar Daddy is more than happy to fulfill what she needs. Evan suggests that as their needs change, they should keep an open and honest dialogue going forward. Their arrangement is off to a great start.