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When chatting on online dating sites, certain characteristics are best expressed as acronyms; hence, HD. The search for a new partner (whether male or female) often includes knowing whether or not a new partner is a heavy drinker (HD), as this can often be a deal-breaker. This could be a part of polyamorous relationship or a new couple dipping their toes in the water and wanting to expand their horizons by adding someone new to their activities. This is also a shorthand acronym (HD) used on online messenger services.


Reggie had gone on a couple of dates and attended a few parties with other members, but hadn’t found anyone who could match up to his party-boy lifestyle. He decided to actively search for members who had ‘HD’ in their profile description and considered themselves to be heavy drinkers. As a result, he was able to find himself a party-girl to take out for wild nights.