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What it means to be a Sugar Daddy

A Seeking® Sugar Daddy is a modern gentleman with refined taste, exceptional experiences, and an affluent lifestyle. They are looking for someone to share in an extraordinary relationship and to begin a new adventure in their love lives.

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    Encontrar el equilibrio

    Dating on allows you to find Relationships on Your Terms® that align with your goals and dreams, as well as your lifestyle and schedule. Sugar Daddies balance a successful relationship with a number of responsibilities and interests, including work, family, a social life, and travel.

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    Making Time For a Partner

    Time is extremely important for a Sugar Daddy, which is why a newfound relationship will be carefully integrated into his regular routine and daily schedule. No date-night detail will go overlooked, from the location of his seat in the restaurant to the exact time his wheels roll up to the valet.

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    El nuevo caballero moderno

    The Seeking Sugar Daddy redefines what it means to be a modern gentleman. He is using Seeking to find a relationship with someone who can enhance and amplify his already exceptional life.

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    Working Harder, Playing Harder

    Sugar Daddies are business-minded. They likely own their own company or have a job that often demands long hours. Partners should not be put off if they are a bit delayed responding to messages. They are focused on his work now, so they can focus their attention on their partners later.

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What Seeking® Sugar Daddies Are NOT:

  • They Are NOT Salty: Seeking is for those who are generous with their time, advice, and love. Seeking is NOT for what some call a “Salt Daddy” or a “Splenda Daddy,” men who desire the lifestyle of a Sugar Daddy without the means or knowledge to have one.
  • They Are NOT Transactional: Seeking Sugar Daddies are NOT looking for a transactional arrangement. They live a unique lifestyle and are looking for a genuine relationship that aligns with their goals and busy schedule. Members searching for pay-per-meet situations or transactional arrangements are NOT tolerated.
  • They Are NOT Rude or Demeaning: Our Sugar Daddies appreciate wealth and success but do NOT let either affect personal interactions negatively. Members of our community are expected to be polite and courteous. They understand not everyone is a match, but they are always graceful in their communications.
  • They Are NOT Egotistical or Demanding: Seeking Sugar Daddies do NOT use their success, wealth, or status to manipulate others. Members are expected to conduct themselves with civility and class.

Note: If you encounter members on our website who do not meet the above standards set for our community, please report them here. While other dating websites may tolerate such behavior, we do not.

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