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Join the more than 2.7 million students in the United States who have turned to SeekingArrangement and Sugar Daddies to avoid student debt and secure a better future.

Sugar-Babies & Studentenschulden

In the US, more than 42 million Americans have student loan debt. Meanwhile, the average debt per student rose by 5 percent in 2018 to nearly $40,000.

The United States has the largest combined number of Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mommy relationships.

  • Sugar Daddys1,982,303
  • Sugar Mommys356,098
  • Zucker Baby Frauen8,389,012
  • Zucker-Baby-Männer3,092,812

Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools of 2019

As tuition prices and the national student loan debt increase, so do the number of college Sugar Babies. The following are the universities and colleges where the most students registered on SeekingArrangement during 2018.

Rang Universität Neue Anmeldung
Abzumagern 2018
Student Gesamt
1 Georgia State University 306 1304
2 University of Central Florida 296 1068
3 University of Alabama 270 968
4 Florida State University 257 873
5 University of Florida 251 501
6 Rutgers University 225 684
7 California State University, Fullerton 206 525
8 University of Nevada, Las Vegas 203 583
9 University of North Texas 192 573
10 University of Missouri 183 542
11 Victoria University 167 550
12 University of Cincinnati 161 522
13 University of Southern California 156 583
14 San Francisco State University 154 510
15 University of California, Los Angeles 153 614
16 Columbia University 152 1008
17 New York University 147 1676
18 Universität von North Carolina 142 514
19 University of Texas, San Antonio 141 875
20 Colorado State University 138 356


Students registered on SeekingArrangement get help paying for tuition and even more benefits. Finding the right Sugar Daddy can help students gain access to the right network and opportunities. College Sugar Babies can also get help paying for other college-related costs, such as books and housing.


Treten Sie jetzt bei, um ein ehrliches und ermächtigendes Arrangement zu finden. Studenten, die sich mit ihrer Studenten-E-Mail (.edu) anmelden, erhalten eine kostenlose Premium-Mitgliedschaft.


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