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The Secret World of Luxury Dating: 5 Research-Backed Insights into Wooing the Wealthy recently conducted a study to answer the question: What are wealthy people looking for in a partner?


Businessman, 51, Waives Right To Divorce 21-Year-Old Fiancée ​As He’s So In Love

CEO of Seeking Arrangement, Brandon Wade, is so confident in his relationship with his fiancée, Dana, that he has waived his right to divorce her.

Yahoo! Canada

What is ’sponti-dating‘ and how could it fast track your hunt for love?

Seeking dating expert weighs in on new „sponti-dating“ trend.


The Pros And Cons Of Edudating, According To A Relationship Expert

Seeking dating expert weighs in on how education and dating are connected.


Looking for ‚High-Income‘ Bachelors? This Study Shows Where to Find Them

A new survey just dropped about where the most eligible bachelors in the US live

The Sun

Money Talks: Dating website study reveals shocking effect of money on relationships has revealed how important finances are to relationships and aims to match success-minded singles.


I used a dating app to meet millionaires. I got to travel the world, get fancy gifts, and learn a lot from my relationships.

I wanted to „date up.“ A friend told me about the dating website Seeking. I wanted to meet men who shared my interest in travel and exploring new things.

Elle (Germany)

Barbie loves Oppenheimer: Das steckt hinter dem Barbenheimer-Effekt fürs Dating

Seeking discovered the dating trend “The Barbenheimer Effect” — detailing the benefits of dating someone who is your opposite.

New York Post

Top reasons your partner might break up with you: study

Seeking dating expert provides insight into a recent study that reveals why your partner might break up with you.

Second Chance

Multi Millionaire Former Sugar Daddy finds love on his own dating website: Brandon Wade

Brandon Wade was interviewed by Netflix host Raphael Rowe on his podcast “Second Chance” — he spoke on his past, his reasons for creating Seeking.

Daily Mail

Picky single, 26, reveals the ’strategic dating‘ tactic she’s using to find the perfect ’successful and attractive‘ match

Olivia, our case study, speaks on her choice to date better, and why she chose Seeking as a platform to meet men of a higher caliber as a successful woman.

Daily Hive

Who wants to date a millionaire? Three Canadian cities rank as best spots

Three Canadian cities have ranked among the top places in the world and North America to find an eligible millionaire to date.

Grazia (France)

Kylie Jenner & Timothée Chalamet : sont-ils hypergames ? Une experte répond !

Hypergamy is an ancient trend that still has significance today, particularly with the types who choose to date on Seeking, we discussed it with Grazia.

Cosmopolitan (Germany)

Lust auf Luxus-Dating? 5 Vorlieben, auf die Superreiche laut Studie stehen!

Seeking did a study on its wealthiest, most eligible members, in order to discover just what they were looking for in a partner.

Forbes (Spain) descubre cómo encontrar pareja según el estilo de amor y personalidad

There are many types of love in the world, and Seeking gave advice on how to find the one that best fits your personality.

Fox LA

More Single Millionaires are leaving LA: Where are they going?

Just as more and more people continue to leave California in search of more affordable housing, it turns out more millionaires are saying goodbye too, all in the name of love.


Can TikTok’s date stacking trend help you find love?

Seeking’s dating expert spoke against the stacking trend— Seeking emphasizes being made to feel special on dates, rather than an option.


There Are Actually 8 Love Languages, According to This Unique Dating Site (the artist formerly known as Seeking Arrangements) says it has cracked the code on three newly defined love languages.


‚I’ve been flown to Monaco and Paris for dates – I want a man who likes the finer things‘

Case study Amy speaks to the Mirror about how she, as a successful woman, decided to date only men who have found success too, and why she does it on Seeking, rather than on any other dating site.


Relationship Expert Breaks Down The Pros And Cons Of Eco-Dumping

Seeking dating expert weighs in on the “ eco-dumping trend.

Toronto Sun

Intelligence is the new tall, dark and handsome on dating scene

A recent study by luxury dating platform has revealed there’s a direct link between dating success and a person’s education.

The Guardian

Double texting: why needy messages – and smelling bad – could relegate you to the dating ‘ick’ list

Seeking spoke with The Guardian about the various things that cause relationships to end due to “the ick”, and how to avoid those elements.


From bad teeth to wearing bad jeans! A look at the top 40 “icks” that could ruin your relationship!

Seeking dating expert provides insight into a recent study that reveals specific turn-offs.


Experts Give 4 Pieces Of Advice To Navigate Your Love Life In 2023

Seeking dating expert weighs in on of finding your perfect match

Cosmopolitan (France)

Voici les destinations où vous rendre absolument cet été pour trouver l’amour

Seeking conducted a survey to discover just what people are looking for in an ideal vacation location, and where to find love in the most luxurious of those.

Forbes (Spain) ofrece trucos para «seducir con la mejor foto de perfil»

Working with a photographer and image coach, Seeking discovered the secret to the best profile picture for online dating.

Scarlette (France)

La sapiosexualité, kesako ?

Seeking’s dating expert gave an interview about Sapiosexuality— an attraction to intelligence, rather than looks.

Daily Star

Dating expert warns ’second chancing‘ trend will rise – due to Carrie Bradshaw effect

Seeking’s dating expert warns about the dangers of the new Second Chancing dating trend.

Psychology Today

2 Big Benefits of Dating Your Intellectual Match

Seeking dating expert weighs in on benefits of finding your intellectual match

This Morning

The ‚original sugar daddy‘ finds love with a 21-year old

An interview on This Morning with Brandon and Dana, speaking about their love story, and their decision to marry without the option of a divorce.

Yahoo! Finance

World’s largest luxury dating site reveals global member net worth has reached $3.5 trillion

Seeking continues to be the site of choice for those looking to ‘Date Up’ and indulge in a more luxurious dating experience.


Ever Thought About Destination Dating? Four Women Talk Looking For Love Abroad

A recent study by Seeking found that singles are open and ready to mingle overseas.


Three New Love Languages To Know In 2023

Seeking discovered 3 new love languages, alongside the 5 original ones, and introduced these as the future of love languages.

Marie Claire

What is negging? How to spot the toxic flirting trend seen on Love Island

Seeking’s dating expert speaks on the dangers of ‘negging’, and why partners should uplift us, rather than break us down.

In Touch Weekly

RHOC’s Noella Bergener Describes Bobby Breakup, Hopes for a ‚Real‘ Marriage

Star of RHOC, Noella promotes her partnership with Seeking at the Baccarat Hotel in New York City.


How embracing your spontaneous side could be the key to reviving romance in your life (and curing dating app burnout)

Seeking’s dating expert spoke on dating app burnout, and why it’s important to be spontaneous in your dating life.

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